Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Blog!

Okay, so I have been asked often lately, if I blog... well sadly I must admit, I have had this blog for months and this is the first I have used it! So here goes! a brief introduction... I am Heather, 27, from Los Angeles California.. I am a full time floral designer and I design jewelry on my downtime for my Etsy shop. I have two little girls (7 and almost 2) so they keep me very busy! Anyhow I will be starting to add things here like features on artisans, tutorials, Incredible Creations of artisans from all over! So please check back often and see what wonderful people and products are around.


Ellen said...

Great job! Blogging can be hard, but it can be fun, too! And I'm your first follower! :D

Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Lovely Heather! I'm following now.
I've only blogged once...just have to keep at it.

earlybird said...

Good luck with your blog Heather! I love the pic of the girls, so lovely!