Friday, May 29, 2009

~*~Packaging Pretties~*~

So I think one of the most fun thing about receiving handmade creations from other artisans is seeing their packaging. I don't know about you but I love seeing the creativity and lovely ideas people have to make their packaging aestheticly pleasing. So I am posting here some lovely packaging ideas for everyone to see, including my own.

I really like how I package my pieces, thou
gh am always looking for newer and possibly better ways. I tie all of my jewelry and accessories to handmade seed and fiber/glitter paper made by Recycled Ideas on Etsy. Holly makes some beautiful paper and does wonderfully with custom orders! I tie each piece with cute or pretty ribbon, depending on the piece, then wrap them in tissue and tie the top with coordinating ribbon. So cute and sweet I think!

lime green modern on Etsy uses sweet tins with tissue to package their pieces, for stable secure travel and what great dual purposing, their customers re-purpose them to put their jewelry in while traveling!

dryan327 a fabulous steam punk artisan on Etsy suggests brightening up tissue wrapped packages with bright fun flowers and ribbon as you see here! super cute and fun!

So have fun with those packages to make them special, brighten your customers' day... I always like my customers to feel like they are opening up a present when they receive something I have created. The sky is the limit on creativity. Enjoy creating!


Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Oh, this is great. I love to see how items are packaged. That is one thing that makes getting an Etsy package so fun- Everyone always gets creative. Thanks Heather!

limegreenmodern said...

Thanks for the mention! I also love to see how people package things up..I am amazed at all the Etsy creativity. What a great idea for a blog post! :-)

Donna said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me in your cute blog. You have done a great job, it is very interesting and fun to read. Donna~

Meagan Designs Kaedan Krafts said...

I love your packaging and I should know i got to see it up close! People it is beautiful!