Monday, June 22, 2009

~*~ Meet Chandra and Roman~*~

There is a saying that goes
"You can take the girl out of the country, but can't take the country out of the girl."
This would be very true for a friend of mine living in the sprawling metropolis of L.A. but stays true to her roots of the beautiful California rural areas through her work.

Growing up on the central coast of California in the middle of vast expanses of woods, hills, ranches and vineyards you found things to do to keep yourself occupied. When not trying to stay occupied, many children and teens in the area would pass time with 4-H projects, fairs and shows. This is where I initially met my friend Chandra. We were in the same 4-H club in Lockwood. We then later went to High School together in King City. Chandra always had a love for animals and she always had incredible patience. She and I lost touch for many years and have finally reconnected through facebook where she sent me a link to a YouTube video she compiled and I was amazed and tears were brought to my eyes.

Over the last several years Chandra has been training her Dogs not only to be her own service dog for her disability, but also for therapy for elderly, ill and others to enjoy the company of sweet animals. Plus, to top it off they are actors for Movies and Television!

I wanted to write this and bring attention to Chandra and her dogs because of the amazing perseverance, dedication, talent, and caring that has been exercised and offered to the world because of this wonderful lady and her pets. Please, take a look at her website to see clips of their performances and their abilities, I am sure you will be just as amazed as I am!


Go2Girl Designs by Kila said...

Wow. What a great feature and an interesting and worthwhile career she chosen.

apoorva said...
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On a Roll said...

What great, meaningful work and beautiful dogs! Seems like a lovely friend to have! :)